About Country Meat 

The History

Founded in 1975, Country Meat & Sausage is a family-operated processing plant and abattoir located in Southeast Manitoba. The Jowett family assumed operations in 1999 and continue to this day. In 2005 a second deli was opened in Steinbach, MB to meet local customer demands. In an effort to improve efficiency and to meet the continued growth at Country Meat Deli, the Blumenort deli was subsequently closed and Country Meat Deli was expanded in the spring of 2013. 

Current Operations

Today, the Blumenort production plant processes roughly 150 hogs per day. All of our hogs are locally sourced. Our product line includes, whole pork carcasses, fresh pork parts, as well as a variety of prepared ready-to-eat deli meats, created the old fashioned way. The majority of our wholesale meat is delivered to retail and wholesale locations across Winnipeg daily. We have grown strong ties to our customers through consistency, friendliness, and competitive prices. These ties are retained through our sale and delivery staff who ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Aerial photo of Country Meat and Sausage.

Aerial photo of Country Meat and Sausage.


Our Future

The philosophy of our business has never been one of stagnation but one of constant change that tackles adversity while striving to achieve the company's greater goals. Beginning with young Robert Jowett on a small family dairy farm in England, up to the construction of a new processing plant, there has been no time to rest for all people involved. 

We began operations in our newly constructed Pre-Rigor pork trim production plant in 2016. We opened our new plant Jowett Farms Corporation in 2017. This plant focuses solely on processing sows. Jowett Farms Corporation will introduce “hot-boning”, a new processing technique to Canada, in our state-of-the-art facility.  This new federally regulated operations enables the growth of commerce outside of Manitoban borders which is a new frontier for us.

Our Promise

Country Meat & Sausage, and its current projects, are examples of hard work and determination. We will continue to pass the benefits of this along to the consumer through quality products, timely deliveries, friendly service, and transparent operations.