Sow plant close to completion

Since 1999, the Jowett Family have owned and operated Country Meat & Sausage Inc. (CMS).  Country Meat & Sausage current operations include slaughtering and processing locally sourced hogs.  By 2008 the current business had reached production capacity.  In order to continue growth, the Jowett family aspired to expand into something new & unique.  Following extensive industry research, plans began for Country Meats – a modern & efficient sow processing facility built to meet or exceed industry standards, which would adopt the hot-boning / rapid chilling methods, previously not attempted in Canada.

With no outlet in Canada, nearly one half million Canadian cull sows are shipped annually to the US for processing.  Canadian pork producers have been forced to send their sows south of the border, resulting in above average mortalities and significant weight loss.  Moving animals longer distances does cause considerable stress on the animals.  Country Meats will allow farmers to reduce shipping costs and yield a higher return on cull sows, as well, the animals will not be forced to endure long journeys in a wide variety of uncomfortable weather conditions.  A shorter journey is more humane option for the animals.

Production of pre-rigor meat will also be new to the Canadian processed meats industry.  Pre-rigor meat is considered superior for fresh sausage production, and is widely utilized beyond Canadian borders. Due to greater protein extraction, the hot-boning method increases moisture retention in the meat, resulting in improved palatability and a firmer texture.  Other benefits include; brighter fresh meat color & longer color life.  The rapid chilling method keeps bacterial numbers low, resulting in longer product shelf life.