Jowett Farms Corporation


We are excited to announce the opening of our new sow processing plant, Jowett Farms Corporation. On January 11th, 2017, a total of 15 sows was harvested through the state of the art facility and processed into pre rigor trim. Jowett Farms is the first federally registered pre rigor processing plant in Canada. 

Pre rigor trim has a greater water holding capacity resulting in higher yields and improved fresh colour retention in sausage products. Shorter processing time leads to reduced bacterial growth resulting in a cleaner product with a longer shelf life. Improved tenderness and fat emulsifying properties make pre rigor pork trim superior for sausage making and other processed meats. Pre rigor trim is an untapped market in Canada, with the completion of this facility many businesses will gain access to pre rigor trim and take advantage of its benefits.

Canadian pork producers have been forced to ship nearly one half million cull sows yearly into the US for processing. Jowett Farms will allow farmers a greater profit by reducing shipping costs and higher yields on cull sows. Longer travel times can be incredibly stressful for animals resulting in significant weight loss and a higher mortality rate; this is a loss for the animals and to the farmers incurred costs. The opening of Jowett Farms will improve animal welfare due to reduced travel distances in addition to ethically harvesting the animals in the sophisticated slaughter process.

Many people have been involved in the creation of this facility since breaking ground in 2011, Jowett Farms would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone involved for making it a success. We look forward to a bright future, creating valuable relationships within our community, and continuing to operate as a family business with integrity and leadership.